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15 Houses to Drool over

Why are some houses so beautiful? Why? Here are a few pictures from around the world displaying intelligent and unique architecture we love.

1. The Concrete Cut, Ramat Gan, Tel Aviv District, Israel 


2. River House, River Drima, Serbia

3. House on Finestrad, Alicante, Spain

4. Los Cabos, Mexico


5. Falling Waters in Mill Run, PA (USA)

6. Villa Ypsilon, Greece


7. Equestrian Estate, Greenwich, CT (USA)

8. Mers-les-Bains, Somme, France

9. Art Nouveau Villa Majorelle, Nancy, Lorraine, France

10. Old Mill in the Gardens of Chateau de Courance, France

11. Gumno House, Croatia

12. Villa Belza, Biarritz, Pyranees-Atlantiques, France


13. Traditional Basque house — Town hall of Masparraute, Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France

14. Summer house, Halkidiki, Greece

15. Half-timbered house with a castle in the background in Josselin, Morbihan, France 

Disclaimer: Unless noted, all images taken from


13 Awesome DIY Halloween Decorations

Why not add a little DIY to your Halloween decorations this year? These projects are spooky, inexpensive, and fun to put together.


1. Floating Cheesecloth Ghost

Cheesecloth (from a grocery store) and basic craft supplies make this floating ghost so easy to make, it’s spooky! Learn more at


2. Trash Bag Spiderwebs

Like paper snowflakes? Then you’ll love these easy-to-make giant spiderwebs! Check out how to make them at


3. Glowing Eyes

This quick project will make your lawn bushes just a bit spookier. All you need are toilet paper rolls and dollar store glowsticks! Read more at Buzzfeed!


4. This Body Bag Classic

This project is a classic found on Pinterest.


5. Bloody Handprint Clings

Add an extra horror element with these simple window clings that you can make yourself! Learn how at


6. Head in A Jar Classic


Here’s another classic, this one from


7. Crayon Pumpkin

Love color? This unique pumpkin from has you covered!


8. Chicken Wire Ghosts

This haunting project is easier than it looks! Get your supplies ready and learn how to make your own lawn ghosts at!


9. Felt Bats + Twig Wreath = Win!

Get a twig wreath and stick felt bats all over it for a sleek surprise! Learn more at


10. Canning Ring Pumpkin

These handmade pumpkin decorations have an antique and classy feel to them. Learn how to make them at

15 DIY Wall Art Ideas (Even You Can Do)

As summer comes to a close and school/work starts back up (for people with seasonal jobs), a lot of us are going to be looking at walls. So why not make the walls something to look at?

1. Postcards!

Buy a set of postcards, or a bunch of postcards that are completely unrelated. Then put them together to make art! Via How About Orange.


2. Spray Paint

Not ready for Summer to end? Grab a branch, a canvas, and a can of spray paint for unique and beautiful wall hangings! Via Listotic.


3. Fabric Prints

Cheap bamboo frames can make even the simplest print more exotic and the perfect display piece! Via Focal Point Styling.


4. Thumbtacks

Plain gold thumbtacks are excellent for creating your own pushpin masterpiece. Simple patterns can make your walls come to life! Via Brit + Co.


5. Yarn Hangings

Yarn hangings are easy to prepare, and they look both old-fashioned and modern at the same time. Give your walls texture! Via Oleanderandpalm.


6. Clip Notes

Don’t throw out yesteryear’s office supplies just yet! Clipboard art can be a fun way to spell out messages and customize your walls while giving guests a way to entertain themselves. Via Rosyscription (link).


7. Wall Flowers


If you have a green thumb, or just love flowers, mount some mason jar vases on a wall for a fresh look! These wallflowers are anything but boring. Via Sweet Peach Blog.


8. Painter’s Tape

This might look like a pricey piece of art, but it takes only a couple hours to make with some paint ant tape! Via Diyjoy (link).


9. Paper Rosettes

Bright-colored paper rosettes might give your wall the perfect pop it needs, and they’re both fast and easy to put up. Via Brit + Co.


10. Texture Art

Sometimes texture is more important than color. The piece above is so simple a 2-year-old could do it! Via Bowerpowerblog.


11. Junk Mail

Large junk mail posters are actually good for something. The hanging above looks modern and stylish and could brighten any room. Via ModgePodgeRocks.


12. Toilet Paper Rolls

These pretty cardboard flowers are made from toilet paper rolls, and don’t take more than a few minutes. Paint them for extra flair! Via diytag (link).



14 Powerful Images of Children’s Bedrooms

Several years ago, photographer James Mollison adopted an unusual project: a series of photos displaying the bedrooms and sleeping areas of children around the world. The photos give many hints as to the varied lifestyles, cultures and economic standards everywhere. The pictures offer unique windows to other lives and other people you won’t encounter anywhere else.

Learn more at Mollison’s website,

Dong, 9, Yunnan, China

2. Indira, 7, Nepal

3. Bilal, 6, Wadi Abu Hindi, The West Bank

4. Alyssa, 8, Harlan County, USA

5. Ahkohxet, 8, Amazonia, Brazil

6. Alex, 9, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

7. Bikram, 9, Melanchi, Nepal

8. Kaya, 4, Tokyo, Japan

9. Jivan, 4, New York, USA

10. Hang, 5, Beijing, China

11. Lehlohonolo, 6, Lesotho

12. Tzvika, 9, Beitar Illit, West Bank

13. Thais, 11, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

14. Douha, 10, Hebron, West Bank

12 Mind-blowing Cat Houses (They Will Probably Just Ignore)

Here at Lumpy Guppy, we have a special fascination with awesome ideas for human houses, but let’s face it: cats are much more interesting to read about than humans. (Come on, you’d probably click on a link featuring Hillary Clinton’s cat than her political stances, right?) So here, in no particular order, is a selection of some of the more incredible cat houses and cat house ideas out there. Just keep in mind that all cats would probably prefer simple cardboard boxes to any of these ideas.

























13 DIY Garden Ideas to Brighten Your Home

Yard sale season is now in full swing, and lots of people are wondering what to do with their leftover junk. The good news is that it doesn’t have to collect dust in your attic–with only a little bit of work, you can turn pretty much anything into a unique and personalized flower pot.


1. Chandeliers

Your old chandeliers can take up a new life on the porch as hanging gardens! It’s a great way to add country charm to your home, and easy to set up. Learn more here.


2. Floppy Disks

Yes, there is something you can do with your old floppy disks! Check out the instructions here and clear out your old storage space!


3. Wagons

Garden wagons are adorable and don’t take a lot of work to set up. See instructions here.


4. Pots and Bowls

This colander makes for a beautiful hanging pot! Learn more here.


5. Bikes

Old bikes with baskets make beautiful vintage flower displays. Lean your bike against an old tree for added charm. Learn more here!


6. Books

Those outdated textbooks you’ve stored for decades can now have a new purpose! This DIY tutorial can walk you through the steps to making your own book garden.


7. Tuna Cans 

These simple pots are fun for children and adults alike, and they are overflowing with personality. Get out your craft supplies and check out the instructions here to get started.


8. Spring Boots

Your old spring boots will look cuter than ever with flowers in them! Check out this easy project here for details.


9. Tires

Have some fun painting old tires and hanging them up as eye-catching flower beds! Learn more here.


10. Tin Cans

A little bit of paint goes a long way into making these tin cans stylish flower pots! Unleash your creativity and have fun with this project. Learn more here.


11. Purses and Bags

If you really want to catch people’s attention, try hanging up your old purses and bags as unique flower displays. Learn more here.


12. Broken Items

Do you have a broken vase or birdbath that you just can’t bear to part with? Try keeping it outdoors as a unique flowerbed. The cracks and chips will only make it look more authentic! Learn more here.

13. Old China Sets

The next time you stop by a yard sale, take a second look at the china. It might be just what your garden needs! Old teacups especially can give your flowers and herbs a whimsical touch. Learn more here.

18 Stairways To Make You Forget Elevators

Stairs are one of the most effective fashion accessories a home or office building could have, but usually, they’re left bland and unoriginal. Here are some stairs that will make you not want to take elevators again!




































14 Desk Toys for Your Inner Child

Who says grownups can’t play with cool toys? These will keep you entertained both at work and at home for a fun change of pace.

1. Wobble Active Footrest ($149)

Hate sitting still? This wobbling footrest will keep you on your toes in the best of ways! Check it out here.


2. Desktop Punching Ball ($16.35)

You know those times when you just really, really want to punch something? Find it here.

3. Medieval Weapons Pushpins ($9.99)

For all your royal edicts! Check them out here.

4. Floppy Disk Notes

No need to install anything! These floppy notepads are perfect for the 1 MB of information you should get down on paper, or for the times when you really need some office nostalgia.

5. Build-On Brick Mug ($6.99)

Let’s face it: sometimes office work doesn’t feel very productive. Fortunately, there’s a way to change that with these awesome mugs! Check them out here.

6. Scrabble Name Plates ($8.95)

You will make an unforgettable impression if you put one of these on your desk. Just sayin’. Get one for yourself here.

7. Perpetual Calendar ($32.00)

Designed for the Museum of Modern Art, you can take serious pride in a calendar that is beautiful, functional, and awesome. Check them out here.

8. Executive Building Blocks ($14.99)

Maybe legos aren’t your thing, but these chrome-plated blocks will impress and intrigue even the most hard-hearted clients and bosses. Get them here.

9. Magnetic Aquarium Sculpture (No Price Given)

This might be temporarily out of stock, but it’s still one of the coolest magnet sculptures I’ve ever seen! Find it here.

10. Jellyfish Mood Lamp ($24.99)

A real aquarium might be a bit much to handle, but who could say no to a group of floating, glowing jellyfish? Hunt them down here.

11. Finger Drums ($19.99)

If you can’t stop drumming your fingers, maybe you should check out a working set of finger drums! Get them here.

12. Minecraft Magnets ($9.99)

With these magnets, you can create, explore, and demolish new worlds as much as you want! And for under ten dollars, that’s a steal of a deal. Find them here.

13. Kinetic Sand ($9.99)

For those days when you just want to get outdoors, kinetic sand can give your senses all the fun they can take! Find it here.

14. Ball of Whacks (No Price Given)

If you ever find yourself in need of extra stimulation, the ball of whacks is perfect! Shape it, mold it, and play to your heart’s content. Find it here.

14 Ways to Stay Cool This Summer

Now that July is well underway, many of us are forced to put up with insufferable heat. Air conditioning is pricey, so what are some other creative ways we can enjoy cooler temperatures during the hottest months?

1. Choose cotton.

This goes for both clothes and sheets. Cotton allows for excellent ventilation and breathability, making the air flow more naturally.


2. Close your blinds.

Things really heat up when the sunlight enters your house directly through windows! Keep your blinds closed during the day for a significantly cooler home.


3. Go to the library.

Instead of chilling at home, why don’t you find someplace that has air conditioning? Libraries have comfortable seats, Internet access, and study rooms if you want to be left alone. You can also try to see matinees instead of late night movies to take advantage of the extra cool temperatures.


4.  Freeze it!

Put your sheets and pillowcases in plastic bags, and then store them in the freezer on hot days. They’ll be cool enough at night to allow you enough relief to get to sleep.


5. Be careful with doors and windows.

Leave windows open at night to allow the cooler air to circulate. Then, before the morning heats up, close them. You should also look into closing doors to unneeded rooms to allow for more concentrated circulation.


6. Dry off with a fan.

Towels are great things most of the year, but on a really hot day, a fan will bring more relief!


7. Keep ice packs handy!

Buy some frozen ice packs at the store, and keep them in your freezer. For times when you need something cold the most, break them out and enjoy the comfort!


8. Focus on your body–not the house.

The biggest reason we dislike heat is because it feels miserable. Lower costs by making sure that you yourself are cool–wear open clothes, stay hydrated, and don’t be afraid to bring out some wet rags every now and then for comfort.


9. Wear light clothes.

On that note, try to go for a light-colored wardrobe. Darker colors absorb more of the sun’s light, while lighter colors repel it.


10. Make a DIY air conditioner!

Take a bowl of ice and put it in front of the fan. That way, the fan will blow the coolness from the ice onto you.


11. Grill when possible.

Using your oven and stove will only make your house hotter. So step out in the shade for meals and grill something delicious instead!


12. Try a taco.

There’s a reason why people in warmer climates eat more spicy food–spice triggers your body’s natural cool-down mechanisms. So try to go muy caliente for your next meal!


13. Stay near the ground.

If possible, try to move your bed closer to the ground or set up a mat on the floor for sleep. Heat rises, so why suffer through it unnecessarily?


14. Cool your feet before bed!

Sleeping is hard when you’re burning up. Before going to bed at night, dunk your feet in a tub (or large bowl) of cold water, or use a washcloth to get them wet.

11 Space Hacks to Transform Your Home

One of the problems with mini-homes is the lack of space. No garage, no basement, and no attic can be hard for most people, and even large houses can get cramped and cluttered easily. Fortunately, there are hacks that can help with this. Here are some of the best.

1. Put shelves above doors and windows.



2. Is your bed against a corner? Free up some space by adding one of these nifty corner tables!


3. This behind-the-sofa table only costs $25 to make!


4. Small bathroom? Try a shelf over the faucet!


5. Give yourself more closet space by hanging your clothes out in the open.


6. Turn couch arms into end tables!


7. Clear up dining room space with a breakfast bar!


8. Hang pots and pans on the wall for more cupboard space.


9. Store herbs in magnetic tins on the fridge!


10. The higher your bed, the more you can store!


11. Don’t ignore your corners!